SA Art was founded out of a deep desire to create genuine and thoughtful artwork utilising the strengths of the founding artists and architecture students Solomon Adebiyi and Adwoa Botchey. 




We have been involved in creating our own art separately for several years but decided to create art together during the beginning of the 2020 lockdown.

We saw strengths in each other that we did not see in ourselves and decided to form SA Art to explore the range of artworks we could create together.

As diaspora from West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana), we have a keen interest in exploring our heritage which is manifested in the art we create.

We believe that there is currently an oversaturation in western mythology and a lack of black representation so we wanted to delve into our African culture as inspiration for our art; from strong Yoruba and Akan symbolism and imagery to the very lexicon used to name our work.

Our art merges our cultures, styles, techniques, and aspirations.


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