This series explores the Yuroba pantheon of the Orisha.

Orishas are the gods and semi-divine heroes of Yoruba culture, and although there are hundreds of them, we explore the ones that feature prominently in the myths.

These paintings are based on the figures and stories of the Orisha which are used to explain creation, nature, and the human experience of the world.

Join us on our journey of discovery.


oroise SERIES.

Oro-ise is the name we’ve given to this series; it is derived from the Yoruba meaning of the word 'verbs'.
Different verbs were used to name the individual paintings which best captured the action of the figures.

The names of each piece were then translated from Twi or Yoruba.
Foro ~ to ascend (Twi)
Duro ~ to wait (Yoruba)
Joro ~ to dance (Yoruba)