1 of 1 bespoke original painting.

24 x 18 inch /  60.9 x 45.7cm acrylic painting on a smooth sanded 23mm deep paulownia wood panel coated with gloss varnish.

Includes a thank you card and certificate of authenticity. 


The story behind this piece:

This piece is part of a series exploring the Yoruba pantheon of the Orisha - gods and semi-divine heroes of the Yoruba culture used to explain creation, nature, and the human experience of the world.


‘Love Conquers All’ portrays Ọba – the Yoruba Goddess of rivers which represents the flow of time and life. Her themes are protection, movement, manifestation, energy, restoration, and flexibility.

People often turn to her for inspiration in sluggish projects or goals and assistance in learning how to ‘go with the flow’. Despite the story of her rivalry with Oshun and Oya, Shango’s other wives, Ọba is extremely competent and independent. She was Shango’s first wife because she was beautiful, smart, and wealthy. Love is Ọba’s Achilles’ heel.


Relationship to our other pieces:

Ọba is the first wife of Shango, and the daughter of Yemaja. Ọba was the only wife of Shango who could birth him, imperial heirs, this was said to be the reason Shango’s other wives disliked her in particular, Oshun who tricked her to cut off her ear and feed it to Shango.  


Love Conquers All (Original Painting)

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