5 Limited Edition A2 Prints Available.

23 x 16 inch / 59.4 x 42 cm archival Giclée print on 100% cotton photo rag, matt finish hahnemÜhle paper.


5 Limited Edition A3 Prints Available.

16 x 11 inch / 42 x 29.7 cm archival Giclée print on 100% cotton photo rag, matt finish hahnemÜhle paper.


Includes a thank you card and certificate of authenticity. 


The story behind this piece:

This piece is part of a series exploring the Yoruba pantheon of the Orisha - gods and semi-divine heroes of the Yoruba culture used to explain creation, nature, and the human experience of the world.

‘Take Me To The River’ portrays Yemọja – the patron deity of the ocean, particularly the Ogun River in Nigeria; the essence of motherhood and a protector of children.

The name Yemọja is a combination of Yoruba words: ‘iye’ meaning mother; ‘ọmọ’ meaning child; and ‘ẹja’ meaning fish; translating to ‘Mother whose children are like fish.

A popular story is that before giving birth, Yemọja’s waters broke and filled the world with water, creating the Seven Seas. According to African tradition, all life was believed to have been born out of the sea. Yemọja is often depicted as a beautiful woman with large breasts, emphasising her fertility and reputation as the mother of all life.


Relationship to our other pieces:

Yemọja is considered the mother of all mothers – all life came from her, including all the Orishas.


Take Me To The River (Limited Edition Print)

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