5 Limited Edition A2 Prints Available.

23 x 16 inch / 59.4 x 42 cm archival Giclée print on 100% cotton photo rag, matt finish hahnemÜhle paper.


5 Limited Edition A3 Prints Available.

16 x 11 inch / 42 x 29.7 cm archival Giclée print on 100% cotton photo rag, matt finish hahnemÜhle paper.

Includes a thank you card and certificate of authenticity. 


The story behind this piece:

This piece is part of a series exploring the Yoruba pantheon of the Orisha - gods and semi-divine heroes of the Yoruba culture used to explain creation, nature, and the human experience of the world.


‘The Flame That Consumes Us’ portrays Shango – the divinity of thunder and lightning. He is considered to be one of the most powerful and feared of the Orisha pantheon.

All stories of Shango revolve around dramatic events. One story shows him as a mortal man who became an Orisha because of his good deeds. Shango rules over lightning, thunder, fire, the drums, and dance. He is a fighter and a warrior with quick wits, a quick temper, and is the epitome of virility.


Relationship to our other pieces:

A particularly notable story is that of his three wives; Oshun, Oba, and Oya. Oshun, the river under goddess and his favourite wife conned Oba, his first wife (who was another river spirit) into cutting her ear and offering it to Shango to eat. Shango was angry that Oba did this to herself and she fled and became the Oba River. The Oba River now merges with the Oshun River and forms dangerous rapids – this is believed to be a physical manifestation of Oba’s hatred for Oshun.


The Flame That Consumes Us (Limited Edition Print)

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